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Here at The Healthy Living Company, we believe that feeling great is a basic human right. We make it our aim to help everyone in their journey back to wellness, fitness and happiness . 

Whether it be marathon running, or simply picking up the grandchildren, your quality of life matters to us.

Our highly qualified team provide professional support, whether that be relaxing or therapeutic, restorative exercise classes and education to help you every step of the way in achieving your goals. We also offer workshops and learning courses including qualifications in multiple types of massage.

The Healthy Living Company was created by local manual therapist James Pickard, with the sole intention of bringing together the best teachers and practitioners in Sussex to create a truly integrated wellness centre for all.

Our unique approach to wellness allows us to better understand your specific needs, while using support from different modalities (e.g. yoga, massage, osteopathy etc.) to deepen your exposure to multiple forms of treatment that your body can benefit from. If one of our practitioners can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can!

It is our aim to always get the best out of you. To encourage, motivate and support you throughout your journey on becoming the best version of yourself. Whether your time here is spent with one of our highly qualified therapists or instructors, we will educate you, and help you get to where you want to be. 


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  • James Pickard
    James Pickard.

    Corrective Exercise, Functional Rehabilitation, Osteopath. Helping individuals to reduce pain, move efficiently or improve sports performance

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