Back to School!

Tara Lavelle, our homeopath, reflexologist and aromatherapist, shares advice about some remedies and essential oils to support children, teenagers and young people during the start of the new term.

It’s back to school time and for many this can cause feelings of excitement about the coming academic year but for others it is a time of anticipation, anxiety and fear.

Children, teenagers and young adults may also have feelings of separation anxiety or grief & loss as they say good bye to their parents or carers at the school, college or university gates. The new term is a huge step for many, especially if it is a change of school or an exam year and as parents and carers, we need tools to support the young in our lives who are struggling.

Bach flower remedies are a great starting place to support people feeling fear, anxiety or grief at the return to school. These are easily available from most high street chemists and health food shops, they are suitable for home use, safe for children and very affordable.

  •  Rescue Remedy 

This is a good all-round mix for generalised anxiety and good for the night before and the day of return to school. You can even put a few drops into your child’s water bottle so that they can sip as they need to throughout the day. Follow instructions on the box but during an urgent situation like a panic attack, you can place a couple of drops under the tongue.

  • Walnut

This is a great remedy for times of transition in life and is also helpful if there is a sensitivity to outside influences and change. Add a couple of drops to water and drink a couple of times a day for up to a week before the start of school. This is especially useful if changing from nursery to school, primary to secondary school, school to college or college to university. You can continue this for a week into the new term if your child is struggling. Avoid if there is nut allergies.

Aromatherapy is a safe and gentle way to help ease uncomfortable emotions. The following oils are my favourite for bringing calm and easing anxiety. They are available from many high street health food shops and also several online shops and vary in price, so choose oils that you like the smell of and shop around for good value for money. You can choose either one oil or create a blend. The oils can be used in a cold-water diffuser, mixed with a teaspoon of carrier oil or even olive oil and then poured into a bath or you can place a couple of drops of oil on a tissue for your child to smell throughout they day whenever they need to. You can also add the oils to a basic hand cream which can be used throughout the day. 

  • Bergamot
  • Chamomile
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Orange (Sweet)

If you would like to try homeopathy then please book an appointment for a consultation and remedies!

-If you have any chronic illness, epilepsy, uncontrolled blood pressure issues or if you are pregnant then please contact an aromatherapist before use. Always dilute oils before putting them on the skin.-

If anxiety is severe please contact your GP, school nurse or school wellbeing service.



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