Hay Fever Relief with Homeopathy

Holistic therapist Tara Lavelle BSc, SDS Hom, MARH, VTCT Dip Reflexology & Aromatherapy shares her top 5 hay fever remedies. She applies her extensive knowledge to discuss how homeopathy may be helpful for hay fever suffers who wish to try an alternative to traditional over the counter hayfever remedies. 


Homeopathy with Tara

As the air starts to warm and the flowers and trees start to open their buds, who couldn’t help but smile a little at the beauty of Spring? For many though, this is also a time of dread, as it also heralds the start of Hay Fever season. With the pollen count at it's highest, hay fever is particularly worse between the months of March-September. 

Hay fever is a common allergic reaction, affecting 1 in 5 people at some point during their life (NHS, 2018). Generally, it is an allergic reaction to pollen. Irritations occur and trigger an allergic reaction when tiny particles make contact with the cells lining your eyes, nose, throat and mouth.

Homeopathy may be a good support for hay fever sufferers as there are several remedies that may help with some of the symptoms. They are available on the high street or online and are simple to choose and take. At low doses homeopathic remedies are safe to take and can also be used alongside other treatments. Remedies can also be given to babies, the elderly and pregnant women.

"As with every ailment, people have different symptoms"
Tara Lavelle

As with every ailment, people have different symptoms. For hay fever, one person may have really itchy eyes whilst another may have a really runny nose or continual sneezing. The information below is a useful starting point if you would like to try some self-prescribing or if you would like to support a member of your family or friends.

Ideally hayfever should also be treated at a deeper, constitutional, level to try to prevent it returning each year and this can be discussed further with your local Homeopath. 

My Top 5 Remedies 

Allium cepa

Allium cepa is a great homeopathic remedy often used to treat head colds, hay fever, coughs, headaches and hoarseness. Interestingly, this remedy is made from the bulb of red onion and can be used for the follow symptoms:

  • Eyes and nose will be streaming like you have chopped an onion. The discharge from the nose will be burning and the skin may be red from this. The eyes will be watery and stinging but the burning will be worse around the nose then the eyes. There may be lots of sneezing and a tickly cough.


Arsenicum is a substance devirved from the netallic element arsenic, and is a frequently used remedy which can be used for the following symptoms:

  • Burning and itching of eyes nose and throat with burning discharges from eyes and/or nose. Despite the running watery discharge from the nose it may also feel blocked up. There may be lots of sneezing without feeling better. May also experience wheezing.


Euphrasia (also known as Eyebright) has been used for hundreds of years. This meadow plant can be used to help treat irritated and inflamed eyes as a result of hay fever:

  • Lots of sneezing and watery eyes and nose but the eyes are mostly affected and the tears that stream may cause a burning sensation around the eyes.


The remedy Sabadilla is made from a plant primarily found in Central America. Indications for it's use include hay fever symptoms such as:

  • Lots of continuous sneezing with an itch and tickle in the back of the nose or throat. One nostril may be blocked. Eyes may water and burn.


Wyethia (or it's alternative name, Poison Weed) has marked effect on the throat as well as the following:

  • Itching of nose, throat and palate are the main symptoms along with usual hay fever symptoms.

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