Homeopathic Treatment for Bites and Stings

Tara Lavelle, our homeopath, reflexologist and aromatherapist gives us some hints and tips about how to use homeopathic remedies in the treatment of bites and stings.

For minor bites and stings, think about a topical application of a cream, either urtical or hypericum & calendula cream. Urtical cream is soothing for itches and burning skin and the hypericum & calendula cream soothes the skin, promotes healing of the area and may help with any stinging pain.


For more severe pain here are Tara’s top three remedies:

  • Apis - If the bite or sting is red, hot and swollen then this is the number one remedy to consider. The swelling will look puffy and may be very sensitive to touch. Pains may be sore, stinging and hot feeling.

  • Ledum - If the bite or sting is puffy and cold to the touch with possibly a blue tinge then consider the remedy Ledum. The pains may also be better from cold despite the wound feeling cold.

  • Urtica urens - If bites or stings are intolerably itchy then this is my favourite remedy. It can also be bought in cream to apply to the local area to help ease the itching.


Remedies can be taken every hour for up to three doses then every three to four hours after that. Remedies in a 30c potency are best to use for first aid at home and they can be bought from the homeopathic pharmacies Helios, Ainsworths and Nelsons. Neals Yard and many high street chemists, healthfood shops and holistic therapy clinics will stock these remedies.


As with all first aid situations please seek medical help if there is a known severe allergic reaction to bites or stings from that particular animal. Other times to seek help are if there is severe pain and itching, swelling spreads rapidly, lips, tongue or joints become swollen, there is difficulty breathing, the sting is in the mouth, there is any faintness or confusion, the area becomes infected or is accompanied by a fever.


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