Baby college

“What is Baby College?”

BABY COLLEGE® provides unique fun development classes for parents and young children. Class-based with a trained teacher, it offers a complete developmental workout to infants from birth to three years old.


  • It’s for parents and their babies/toddlers.
  • It’s educational for parents. Teachers tell parents about the development of their baby, how the programme specifically targets that area and how to maximise that potential for the long-term benefit of the child. (BABY COLLEGE® Insight™ and Weekly Handouts). It is linked to the EYFS standards for an easy transition into nursery education at three.
  • It offers babies and young children a total developmental workout in terms of neurological, physical, cognitive and communication skills and milestones. The structured progressive programme consists of quick-fire exercises specifically designed to enhance natural, normal development. It is a premium programme of high value.
  • There is a strong neurological development link to ensure that young babies replace primitive reflexes with postural responses and take a normal developmental path. Failure to do so may lead to later educational problems.
  • There is an emphasis on the use of traditional British nursery rhymes and other songs to ensure the learning of vital pre-reading skills.
  • A unique class structure provides a 45-minute session contained with two 15-minute transitional periods either side (total 75 minutes). This allows parents and babies to socialise, talk to the teacher, feed, change nappies, arrive and leave in an unhurried manner.

“What’s a Baby College class like?”

We learn a different rhyme or song each week that includes Makaton signs and we send on a handout in case you forget the words.

The 0-9 month class format goes like a bit like this: a developmental insight (see the website for more info about these), a hello song, a dance, look and learn cards, phonemes, signing, listening, baby maps (different kinds of touch and massage), vestibular and proprioceptive system exercises as devised by our founder Alison, parachute play and then good old fashioned bubbles and a goodbye song!

"It really is the best class I’ve come across as it’s packed with different elements that add up to a fun, bonding, well balanced class that also offers a complete developmental workout for your baby” (recent teacher email to a parent)

“What’s the teacher like?”

Julie is a degree-qualified Early Years practitioner. She has 20 years’ experience of working with young children and their families. She is married with two grown up sons and lives in Hove. She is passionate about early learning and secure attachment and in particular, the science behind the fun and how a baby’s brain develops in the first year.

“How old does my baby need to be?”

Babies interact more fully from around 12 weeks but there is so much to learn as a new parent, so its fine to come sooner. Participating in the classes from birth and joining in with as much or as little as you feel able to at the beginning, helps you and your baby to understand the rhythm of the class and build confidence each week.

"How do I book?”

Follow this link to connect with the online booking system and select 'The Healthy Living Company'. You will need to register the first time you book.

Alternatively you can book through the Hoop app.

“Are there any special offers at the moment?”

Yes! Until classes are fully established you can bring a friend for free!. No catch, you simply book a trial at £10 or a term at £8.25 per class and email me with your friends’ details. I will enter the free booking for them and you can share the cost.

“What if I can’t come one week?”

If you can’t make a class and let Julie know at least 24 hours before the class starts and then you can catch up. You can do this by either, coming twice the next week or, by coming the same week but to another venue or, Julie may be able to add an extra class to the end of your block booking. Catch up is, however, subject to availability and in exceptional circumstances refunds will be at the teachers’ discretion.

Can’t wait to meet you and your little ones!