Kids Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga for children to enjoy.  Firstly they will learn about their bodies and how they work, everyone is different and moves differently, and they will develop an understanding of themselves, while having fun.

As they attend lessons regularly, they will find poses become easier due to their bodies developing flexibility and they will increase the strength in muscles to hold the poses.  In addition to this there are many other physical benefits, such as improvements in posture and blood flow.  Blood flow increased to organs and extremities of the body will allow the body to heal and grow most efficiently.

By providing children with the skills to relax and reflect will enable them to better manage the stresses they face in daily life. The world around them can be overstimulating for many children and if we give children the time to stop and learn to breathe they will have techniques to help them remain calm and focused when everything around them could be chaotic.

The controlled breathing exercises used in yoga are effective when dealing with anxiety and worries, therefore these techniques can be taken from the class to other areas of their life that could be causing unease.

The environment of a yoga class promotes being supportive, kind and helpful to one another.  The positive attitudes and energy would be a great atmosphere for children, helping them to develop self-esteem and life skills in helping others.


When & How much?


16:30-17:00 - Yoga Cubs 5-8 year olds £25 for 5 classes

17:15-18:00 - Yoga Bears 8-12 year olds £30 for 5 classes


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