Supported yoga

using props (chairs, blocks, bolsters and belts) to meet the needs of your body

“...Just to say thank you for our session yesterday.  I so look forward to the Friday yoga - it's an hour away from all the stress of the outside world. Although I can't do all the postures that I'd like to, your help gives me inspiration.”

Are you someone who would like to do yoga, but has been holding back because you’re unsure whether you’d be able to participate fully in a drop in class? If so our "Supported Yoga" is what you've been looking for.

Yoga is a holistic practice that engages all parts of the body through connection with the breath.  Within our yoga practice we can use specific postures to shine a light on areas of the body that we feel need attention.  When we use props, we can approach a posture in a variety of ways, while still feeling the full benefits of the posture.

In this class, Jo teaches similar postures to her drop in class, but uses props to support you to come in and out of postures.  In this way you are able to participate in the class while building your strength, mobility and confidence. Breath work is a big focus as a powerful tool to release tension and move into a more meditative state.

Jo asks that everyone who wishes to attend the class meets up with her individually before coming along to a group session.  All clients must attend this consultation before attending the class.  Jo takes this opportunity to understand your range of movement and any personal goals you may have.  This enables her to work with you to create a class that is enjoyable and challenging, while set at a pace that is appropriate for where your body is at right now.

In order to keep the class specific to the individual, class number will be kept at a level that provides Jo with the time and space to work with everyone and explore any adjustments they may need.

Class Time & Cost:

Friday: 9:30 am - 10:45 am

Drop in: £10 a class

Your Instructor

  • Jo Shaw
    Jo Shaw.

    Vajrasati Yoga. Move with the breath to release tension in the body. Find freedom in a meditative state of mind.

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