Cranial Osteopathy

Osteopathy for mums and babies

Osteopathy can help support a woman throughout her pregnancy and also after the birth of her baby. During this special time, it is so important to feel healthy and confident, both physically and emotionally.

During pregnancy the body undergoes substantial postural and physiological changes to accommodate the developing baby. Coupled with hormonal changes softening the ligaments, this may lead to stresses and strains along different parts of the body. Symptoms may include low back, pelvic, joint pain or headaches.

The aim of treatment is to reduce discomfort thereby giving the mum-to-be confidence in her body for the health of the pregnancy and the upcoming birth. Our Osteopath will also advise on lifestyle, exercises and positions to help alleviate pain and prepare for the birth.

Following the birth, a postnatal check is recommended for both the mum and baby.

Treatment for Mum

It is a helpful time to see an osteopath to aid in the recuperation of the musculoskeletal system following the pregnancy, labour and the reversal of hormonal influence on joints. Any new symptoms related to feeding, lifting and carrying the new baby will be addressed. And again, proactive advice and exercises will be given to help get you back to optimum health.

Treatment for Baby

A full assessment will be performed by our cranial osteopath. Treatment consisting of gentle manipulation may be used to fine-tune the musculoskeletal system following the cramped confinement in utero. This may help soothe and relax your child. These osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development. When necessary, our osteopath will work with other health care practitioners in order to provide the best possible care.


Initial Consultation - £60 (up to 1 hour)

Continuation Treatment - £45 (up to 45 mins)


Initial Consultation - £60 or £45 for babies up to 12 weeks old (up to 1 hour)

Continuation Treatment - £45 (up to 45 mins)

Mum & Baby Combined Treatment:

Initial Consultation - £75 (up to 90 mins)

Continuation Treatment - £75 (up to 1 hour)

About Our Practitioner

Our cranial Osteopath, Anna, has undertaken specialist post-graduate training in the care of mums and babies. She uses her comprehensive experience in this field gained from private practice, as a specialist clinic tutor and as a mum to provide a safe, tailored treatment plan for you and your growing family.

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