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B Chloe Reed

"Reiki showed me who I am at my core. A healer, it helped me to heal and get to know myself better and begin the journey that has led me to practice, learn more, work with energy, connect with people and fully immerse myself in this beautiful therapy."

About 3 years ago my life was at rock bottom and I didn’t know what to do as my mental and physical health were disastrous. I realised that a lot of my health was so poor because I wasn’t dealing with any of my personal traumas.
In the midst of being overwhelmed with grief I started to meditate and felt pulled towards spiritual practices, listening to my soul and my body, learning what energy felt like. One day I went to meet a Reiki Master and was truly inspired and amazed by his energy, the way he described the practice and what it meant to him.

I knew right then it was my destiny to become a practitioner myself, and thus I took my Reiki 1&2 initiation and decided to open my own practice.

I love giving treatments as it makes me feel so connected and giving my clients the best possible treatments means the world to me, I'd be making a difference in their lives, I just really do love what I do.

Price £45- 1 hour

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