Georgie Hankins

yin yang yoga, mum and baby yoga

Class times

Monday: 10:45 - 11:45 am Mum and Baby Yoga

(6 week course £49, £10 drop in, £5 trial class)


B Georgie Hankins

Georgie began practising yoga when she was studying photography at university. She began to develop severe anxiety and decided she needed to find an outlet.

To begin with it was about the physical benefits. She loved the power and strength it built up. After a while though, she started to feel calmer, lighter and more compassionate towards herself and others.

Georgie completed her training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow at the Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa, India.

While studying in India, she was able to fully immerse herself in a meaningful personal venture on her mat, fully exploring the empowering practice of yoga.

"I am extremely passionate about sharing the light that yoga has brought to my mind and body with others. My class is a chance for us to grow, flourish and evolve together through the power of yoga."

Georgie's rise and shine yoga class will ease you into a gentle morning flow that focuses on the connection between your breath and movement. It will finish with a soothing meditation session, which is guaranteed to calm and clear your mind before you start your day. 

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