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Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist


Monday- Friday 9:30am - 2:30pm

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B Laura Larman

Laura studied herbal medicine and nutrition in Australia where Naturopathy is a highly regulated profession. Trained as both a nutritionist and medical herbalist Laura is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and General Council for Naturopaths.

Laura has built up a comprehensive herbal dispensary at the clinic stocked with organic and wild crafted herbs from Avicenna in Wales and Mediherb, Australia. Laura uses these herbal tinctures to make bespoke herbal tonics for her clients to support the body through its journey back to health. Harnessing all the benefits of plant based medicine together with personalised nutritional advice and supplementation where necessary to address deficiencies.

"My role as a Naturopath is to support, educate and empower people to make sustainable adaptations to their daily life so both they and their family can stay well and enjoy life to the full. The approach is very individualised and holistic. There is no set advice or protocol for conditions as we are of course all so different."


Many disease states has its roots in the gut. Good foundational digestive health forms the basis of any naturopathic treatment - so getting the basics of elimination running smoothly. As we are learning more and more each day stress and our environment plays a huge role in the health of our gut microbiome so lifestyle modifications around relaxation and movement are also central to working naturopathically with me.


Naturopathy in a nutshell:

Naturopathy looks to identify and address the underlying root cause of disease while providing symptomatic relief in the form of herbal medicine, whole foods and healthy lifestyle changes.

It is a holistic individualised approach, which acknowledges and treats the whole person not just an isolated set of physical symptoms.

Herbal medicine is used safely and effectively by millions of people worldwide as their primary medical model. When prescribed by a medical herbalist this traditional form of medicine is quite suitable for use for the whole family be that in tincture, capsule or jelly vitamin form for little people!

What can naturopathy help with?

  • Adrenal fatigue, burnout and sleep issues
  • Reproductive health from puberty, preconception, pregnancy, menopause and beyond
  • Digestive problems - IBS, Crohns, Ulcerative colitis, food intolerances
  • Allergies, hayfever, asthma
  • Skin conditions -eczema, acne, psoriasis
  • Frequent infections and low immunity
  • Autoimmunity
  • Thyroid, metabolic health and weight management
  • Mental health, depression, anxiety and behavioural problems



A little about how i work.....

As a Naturopath I use a combination of dietary and lifestyle modifications, herbal tinctures and high quality nutritional supplements when indicated to help support the body back to optimum health.

The philosophy is that given the right environment and ingredients - be that nutrition, sunshine, fresh air, water, movement, time out for fun and relaxation - the body will bring itself back to good health. Identifying and then coaching to remove the obstacles to healing in peoples diet and life is also central to success.

I often work with people with chronic health issues and I am able to prescribe herbs and supplements safely alongside medication. I may request a client to visit their GP for pathology or further investigations and at times further functional tests may be indicated for stubborn or chronic conditions if necessary.

Having my own dispensary at the clinic enables me to mix bespoke herbal formulas for an individuals unique requirements. It is a real pleasure helping people feel as good as they can.



Initial consult 90 minute £120 
45-60 minutes £60 for children
A personalised plan emailed and posted in 48 hours
Specific lifestyle, dietary guidelines and recipes
A written referral to your GP or consultant as needed
Selection and interpretation of private pathology if needed
15 minute motivational phone check in mid month before the next consult
Follow up 60 minute consult £45
(including time to dispense herbs)
60 minute phone consult £40
45 minute phone consult £35
Herbal medicine and supplements are an additional cost.


"After my initial consultation with Laura I felt a huge sense of relief after we laid out my health problems and formulated goals together. With her invaluable support I have seen my mind and body change within a matter of weeks. Having struggled with emotional eating, exhaustion, bloating, terrible mood swings and PMS I really felt there were too many problems to fix. However most have been massively reduced and some eliminated all together by introducing herbs, vitamins and a balanced diet into my daily routine. The shift in mood has had a really positive effect on my relationship with my husband and how I parent my kids. Laura’s practical approach has really helped me to look after me, something I personally had forgotten all about!"


"I was diagnosed with PCOS in my twenties and at that time decided to treat my condition with medication. After the birth of my second child, with my symptoms spiralling out of control, I decided to look at natural treatment alternatives. I began seeing Laura 5 months ago and already I feel so much more in control of my condition. My PMS has gone, I have so much more energy, my brain fog is clearing, I am losing weight and my periods are starting to regulate themselves. I’m really enjoying the process, Laura’s knowledge of PCOS  has helped me better understand my condition and I can now make informed choices about the best foods to eat. Laura’s been a great motivator, sharing recipes and coaching me through blips. I wish I had done this years earlier."


"I have suffered with thyroid problems and associated health issues for many years and a chance meeting with Laura in our local park literally changed my life! At the time, my immune system was at rock bottom - I was tired, sluggish, stressed and breaking out in hives on a regular basis.  

After only a few months of having consultations with Laura I was a different person. I felt re-energised, more positive and I haven’t had any hives since. Laura has always treated me holistically and she explains everything in simple terms to ensure that I understood the science behind how she treats me. This has given me a greater understanding of my health and nutritional needs and how my body works, meaning that I feel empowered to ensure that I remain feeling as good as this.

Since starting my consultations with Laura I have made so many positive changes in regard to my diet and lifestyle - and these are not just quick-fixes but stem from a much deeper understanding about how my body works and what will help me thrive.  I particularly love that Laura tailors her support and recommendations to fit around my hectic lifestyle as a single working mum of two young children. She does not give me unrealistic suggestions or complicated recipes, but rather offers me tips that I am able to incorporate into a busy daily routine so really feel achievable.

I rave about Laura to all my friends and cannot recommend her more highly!"


"I have suffered with IBS, insomnia and PMS for years. I have not been able to keep it under control, until I met Laura. With her very thorough and caring approach she designed a plan for me which meant I could still enjoy food!

Within a month I felt the difference. My sleep is so much better... I’m actually sleeping through sometimes...and my digestion and stomach pain I rarely notice anymore. PMS has reduced greatly too. The combination of supplements, herbs and diet have made all the difference and the recipe suggestions are delicious. I feel very safe in her hands.... thank you so much Laura!"


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