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B Laura Vandermade

Originally from New Zealand I moved to the UK 6 years ago and did my Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy while living in London. I enjoy what I do because each body is different. People can
experience pain in similar areas but this doesn’t mean that they have the same cause. Everyone uses their body differently due to the lives they lead, work they do or physical activities they participate in.

I am constantly expanding my skills so that I can better understand my client’s needs. Being able to assist people with the ability to move more freely and feel less pain gives me a huge sense of
gratification. I am dedicated to creating personalised treatments to reduce pain from new or old injuries, remove tension from muscles and improving the bodies functionality.

I love to challenge my
own body and understand the balance between mobility and strength, along with my personal training qualification I can better understand what pressures the body is put under during physical
training and the importance of good form. I treat everyone from Gym going bodies to desk bound workers, stay at home parents, students and all in-between.

I perform Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage, each treatment is based around the clinics specific needs when they come in. These techniques allow me to gain an understanding of the muscular structure of the body, find the areas of concern and do my upmost to minimise the pain and provide relief to the muscles. Treatment times can be as short as 45 mins or as long as 90 minutes depending on availability.


45mins - £40
60min - £50
90mins - £70


Methods of contact

Instagram: lauracoles_smt
Phone: 07985249440

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