Lisa Shaw

Deep and slow vinyasa flow

Class times

Monday: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Deep and slow vinyasa flow

Enjoy a flowing and dynamic practice that helps develop flexibility and balance, strength and fitness, relaxation and release. Slow down and tune in, focusing on self-awareness and the relationship between breath and movement.
All postures can be modified making it suitable for everyone.

Monday evening Vinyasa flow £10 per class if block-booked or £12 drop in. Please contact Lisa direct to book your space by email - or text - 07958 566075


B Lisa Shaw

Having explored yoga at various points in her life - as a child, when travelling in India and pre- & post-natally - Lisa discovered Dynamic Yoga in 2005. With a 3yr old daughter and 1yr old twin boys at home, it became her sanctuary. The practice ticked all the boxes, giving a fantastic physical workout as well as stimulating and soothing the mind and satisfying her soul, and what started as a once a week ‘me time’ and weight loss tool, became a passionate vocation.

Having originally trained with the British School of Yoga and DHY, Lisa has been teaching for over 10 years and hopes to continue learning and teaching yoga throughout her life. She has also undertaken pre- & post-natal yoga training with BSY and Yin Yoga teacher training with Harmonise Training Academy, both areas to which her calm and caring mindfulness is perfectly suited.

As the daughter of a doctor and a psychotherapist, Lisa has a deep interest in holistic and preventative healthcare. She has worked as a massage therapist, with a Buddhist training background as well as studying Thai massage at the Himalayan Yogic Institute in Kathmandu, and incorporating reiki and reflexology. Lisa is looking to expand her 1:1 yoga therapy work using all the tools together as needed.

Lisa’s deep and slow Vinyasa flow classes include a variety of postures to produce a strong, dynamic practice to help develop flexibility, strength, balance and fitness, as well as relaxation and release. Her Yin/Yang classes are a balance between deep, held Yin postures, spending time and surrendering to the pose and more dynamic Yang asanas, flowing from one pose to another.

Lisa’s style of teaching focuses on developing your self-awareness and breathing, making sure that everyone is working within their own limits, so please don’t worry if you haven’t practised for a while, those limits will change with time and practice.


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