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Mondays- Fridays: 9 am - 4.30pm

Saturdays: Available on request

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My name is Sandrine Burch (Dip Hyp., NLP Pract., HPD, GHR Reg.) from Renaissance Hypnotherapy. I am a fully certified and insured hypnotherapist. I qualified at the Anglo- European School of Hypnosis (UK) and was trained by Adam Eason, leading Evidence-
Based hypnotherapist. I discovered hypnotherapy first as a client and quickly became amazed at how very positive and powerful it was.

At the time unhappy with my job, I decided to retrain and study this fascinating subject. I have not looked back and hypnosis is a passion. I am a full member of the General
Hypnotherapy Register. As such, I abide by their  Code of Conduct and Ethics which means that I do my upmost to work according to high standards of practice.

In therapy, I am committed to help you achieve your desired goals and my approach is tailored to your needs for long-lasting positive change.
I am influenced by the cognitive-behavioural theory: my approach to treatment is on symptom itself, not on the past. I use a range of techniques borrowed from Cognitive-
Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (I am also a N.L.P Practitioner) and classical hypnotherapy.

Renaissance Hypnotherapy offers hypnotherapy services. Hypnotherapy works with a wide range of issues: anxieties, stress, phobias, insomnia, anger, weight, bad habits, smoking, I.B.S, pains. Hypnotherapy can also enhance confidence, creativity and sports performance/endurance.

Apart from smoking cessation (which I do in a single 2 hours session), the initial consultation is an exploratory session where I will find out more about you and assess your needs. During this first session, I will gather some information about you and yourneeds so I can tailor a customised treatment plan. You will also have the opportunity to do hypnosis.

Once your needs have been assessed, we will meet for single hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnotherapy generally requires 4 to 6 single sessions so positive change is implemented.

I am happy to talk to you and offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation should you wish to discuss in more detail.


First assessment: £55 up to 90 minutes

Single session: £50 up to an hour

Smoking cessation (2 hours): £140


For additional details please call 07486 884 101 or email


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