Biodynamic cranio sacral therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle, sensitive, hands-on therapy that originated from the Osteopath William Garner Sutherland.  

It works by the therapist  tuning into your body and acting as a bridge to help you re-awaken the deep forces of life and health within you, rather than just treating your symptoms.  It is a therapy for anyone, of any age.

In my practice I have often found BCST to be of help in treating a wide range of conditions. It can support physical aches and pains, acute and chronic illness, emotional and mental health, assisting the body to rediscover and develop levels of health, well-being and vitality. I also work with children above the age of 5 supporting anxiety, exam stress, sleeplessness, hyperactivity and birth trauma.

After a short chat, you lie fully clothed on a massage bed. After establishing a sense of trust you can begin to settle and relax and, above all, feel safe. I will always tell you where I need to place my hands lightly on your head and body.  After you have settled, I gently ‘listen in’ with my hands and heart, and although this is not primarily a talking session I will always check in with you, making sure you are ok and asking what you might be experiencing


Prices and availability 

Prices are £45 per session for adults and £30 for children. Please feel free to contact Hannah directly to discuss any questions on the phone or by email.
07714 186604

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