Massage at THLC

Therapeutic or relaxing treatment for the body and mind 

Give your body the recovery and relaxation it deserves with a supportive or therapeutic massage.  Our highly qualified massage team will relax you with firm or gentle treatments depending on your preference.

Struggling with a specific area? Our massages involve a whole body approach, however we are more than happy to spend our time working on those troublesome aches and pains. Our adjustable approach and ability to “work with what we find” allows you to leave feeling relaxed, recovered and well on the road to resting, moving or exercising with more ease.

Simply looking to unwind? That's fine with us! Let our practitioners take care of you with treatment. No stress no conversation needed, just lie down and let your mind drift away.


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Sports Massage with Tamir

Working deeper into the muscular system, this treatment focuses on soft tissue release and repair of the body as a whole, and/or specific dysfunctional areas that you may be having problems with. This massage is perfect for those who are struggling with tension, pain or sports specfic injuries while also being the perfect compliment to assist recovery of any long strenuous exercise or activities 

Your massage therapists

  • Tamir Sharp
    Tamir Sharp.

    Sports Therapy injury prevention/management. For those of you looking to up your exercise or sporting prowess, or simply move with less pain.

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  • Tara Lavelle
    Tara Lavelle.

    Reflexology, Homeopathy and Aromatherapy massage. A combination of the three therapies may be used if preferred

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  • Kate Packham (Watson)
    Kate Packham (Watson).

    Pilates & Sports Massage. Specialising in injury support, rehabilitation, and movement enhancement for individuals of all ages

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