Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy can be used for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is a complementary system of healthcare that involves the use of essential oils in the treatment of individuals mainly through massage although inhalations, compresses, facials and reflexology are sometimes also used during treatments from our practitioner, Tara Lavelle.

Many people feel a variety of benefits when having aromatherapy. Muscles are relaxed through massage and moods can be influenced through the use of essential oils. Some oils are uplifting whilst other oils are balancing, calming, healing or detoxifying. Certain oils and mixes of oils can be used to treat specific conditions and this can be discussed at the start of your treatment.

Treatments are relaxing and restorative and tailor-made to each individual’s particular needs at the time of treatment.

Tara also offers massage without the use of essential oils. These treatments are also tailor-made according to clients needs and preferences for light or firm massage along with specific work on problem areas will be discussed at the start of your treatment.

Prices & Availability

30 min Aromatherapy Massage £30

1 hour (inc consultation) Aromatherapy Massage £55

1 hour 30 min Aromatherapy Treatment (full body, face and head or massage plus reflexology) £75 

1 hour massage without essential oils £50

*Please note treatments are not suitable during the first trimester of pregnancy or after a recent stroke or thrombosis.

Our massage therapists

  • Tara Lavelle
    Tara Lavelle.

    Reflexology & Homeopathy. Every client is unique and will receive a tailored treatment. Combination of the two therapies may be used if preferred.

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  • Tamir Sharp
    Tamir Sharp.

    Sports Therapy injury prevention/management. For those of you looking to up your exercise or sporting prowess, or simply move with less pain.

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  • Kate Watson
    Kate Watson.

    Pilates & Sports Massage. Specialising in injury support, rehabilitation, and movement enhancement for individuals of all ages

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  • Lou Oliver-Jones
    Lou Oliver-Jones.

    Beauty therapy, massage

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