Sports injuries

Exercise should be supportive, not destructive. Let us keep you moving while you rehab.

Resting is always considered a good idea when dealing with injury...or is it? What if that pre-season marathon training is causing you pain and taking time off will interrupt your programming? What if your tournament is coming up and you NEED to be there? What if your event is chasing after your little ones on a day by day basis?...Where does the rest and recovery fit in?

Here at The Healthy Living Company we are aware that your goals to keep training, exercising or competing are important, which is why we aim to keep each and every athlete we work with active in their recovery.  We know about our sports, having competed at high levels in our relative sports, our qualified team appreciates what your body undergoes during training.  We are tired of talking to patients who have never been shown exercises or given advice on how to help themselves with their aches and pains. We will ALWAYS give you work to do should you need it.

We strive to always keep your fitness levels at a high level during our rehab process through exercise modification, supplementary work, and communication between coach, trainer and/or yourself.  We try not to tell you to lay back and rest,(sometimes this is unavoidable) instead we remedy the situation with comprehensive support work that you can do at home to achieve a quick and efficient response from treatment.

Our practitioners deal with sports injuries individually, but we also work as a team, helping you back to full strength as quickly as possible.



Let us get you back to full strength

Your sports treatment team

  • James Pickard
    James Pickard.

    Corrective Exercise, Functional Rehabilitation, Osteopath. Helping individuals to reduce pain, move efficiently or improve sports performance

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  • Kate Packham (Watson)
    Kate Packham (Watson).

    Pilates & Sports Massage. Specialising in injury support, rehabilitation, and movement enhancement for individuals of all ages

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